An introduction

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ellie and nine years ago you would have found me, sitting in my studio apartment in the South of France... 
It was a cramped space on the top floor of the building, my bed was 2 steps away from the kitchen bench and the only privacy I had was  escaping into the tiny bathroom. But it had the most breathtaking view of Notre Damn De La Garde, which made you quickly forget the 4 flights of stairs you just climbed. I was enjoying my never ending "gap year" which started with travelling around Europe with a girlfriend, a brief stint as a nanny in Germany and following my heart to Marseille where I enjoyed an endless summer. Speaking little French and with no job, I decided to step foot into the world of blogging. My blog, "It's all make believe, isn't it?" was my little dream world, I dived head first into my new hobby and loved the small following of readers I had and my new blogging friends. It was my creative outlet, my getaway from my getaway. “It’s all make believe, isn’t it?” came to a standstill when I moved back to Australia, got a new job and restarted my Australian life. My French fantasy eventually finished and that chapter of my life ended. A fresh page was turned, I met a man who became my best friend and we quickly fell madly in love. He was not what I expected to happen 3 months after my longterm relationship ended, but both he and I knew, we were exactly where we were meant to be. He moved in, we got a cat and within a year we were engaged. After 2 years together we bought a house, got married and welcomed our messy ginger dog into our lives. After 2 years of marriage we were pregnant and this year we welcomed our son, Teddy, into our little bubble. And all of a sudden, I am back. I have time on my hands — while also not having time on my hands (new parents will understand!!) My need to have a creative outlet is back, my blog is back, my dream of owning my own store is at the tips of my fingers. My little human has made me rethink what I want out of life. I am now a role model and a provider. I need to follow my dreams. I can’t be a hypocrite because all I want for my son, is for him to follow his dreams. So here we go. The next chapter, welcome to William Street. 

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